Lem Cue

Lem Cue (Canton 1843 ?? - 7 January 1902 )

Several Chinese men identified as "Ah Cue" immigrated to Australia in the mid 1800s. My Chinese friends tell me that "Ah" is more an honorific or slang addition to a name, than an actual name, and that "Cue" is almost certainly a given name, but that "Lem" is a relatively common family name. One particular "Ah Cue" was naturalised on 11 Sep 1873 (776/213), which was four years after my ancestor was married, which makes me thinks that that this might be a match, but I can't be sure. Another possibility is Ah Cue.

He was named as William Lemcue on Emily Lemcue's marriage certificate in 1905.

In any event Cue married Sarah Doncaster in 1869.



  • Unknown


  • William Cue (1872-1956) …. Ah Cue Cue daughter Dorothy Hilda Ah Cue
  • Henrietta Ellen Ah Cue - (1877-) ….. Ah Cue Ah Cue
  • Alice May Ah Cue (1880-????) …. Lim Ah Cue
  • Emily Grace Lemcue (1885-1956) / aka Emma Grace Ah Cue …. Ah Cue Ah Cue / William Lemcue
  • Henry Ah Cue (1889-????) …. Ah Cue Ah Cue -> Possibly living in Victoria Street, North Melbourne in 1914
  • Rita Doncaster Ah Cue] (1894-?) …. Lem Ah Cue
  • Lucy Maud Lem Cue (1900-?) …. Lem Cue Lem Cue -> adopted by Mrs Gow??

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